Suji Manda Pitha (An Oriya Recipe)


Sooji/Rawa(Semolina) : 1 cup
Water  : 2 cup
Sugar : 1/4 cup
Oil : for deep frying
Small Cardamom powder: 1 tspn
Clarified butter : 1 tbsp
Fresh Crushed/Shredded Coconut : 2 cup
Salt : As per taste


Keep a frying pan on medium flame. Take shredded coconut and sugar in pan. Fry it until coconut turns into reddish brown color. Remember not to add any oil or butter in this sugar-coconut mixture. Add crushed cardamom / cardamom powder here.Mix well . After it get cooked switch off the flame.Keep it aside.

Now take another pot. Pour water ,let it boil. Add sugar,salt,butter as per your taste.

Add little amount of Semoliana(sooji) in this boiling water. Keep stirring by avoiding forming lumps. Now add whole amount of Semolina and stir properly. Cook it for 2-3 minutes. After get cooked remove from flame and let this dough cool in room temperature.

Now take the dough and kneed with help of butter to make a soft dough like structure from which we can make any shape.

Take the sooji dough and put the coconut stuffing into it. Give it a round shape just like we do for alu paratha. Now prepare all sooji balls like first one.

Put a frying pan or kadhai on stove. Put oil in kadhai. After oil became  hot ,add sooji balls one by one. Keep frying both sides until it gets cooked properly . After fried take out from oil and keep these fried sooji balls on a tissue so that extra oil get soaked by tissue. Keep it in room temperature.  Now suji manda pitha is ready to serve. Serve it after it became little cold.

Narendra Modi : A bright politician of India

Narendra Modi


  • Date of birth: 17 Sep 1950
  • Time of birth: 11:00 hrs
  • Place of birth: Mehsana (Gujarat)



Horoscope analysis of Shri Narendra Modi  

The powerful planets in his horoscope are Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu. These planets have made the positive future of this bright politician Shri Narendra Modi. The role of these planets is to build the prospective of Shri Narendra Modi. During the mahadasha of these planets, he has attained the new high and will continue to gain in coming time. The  life time role of all the planets according to their mahadasha is mentioned below:

Mahadasha Chart

Saturn (17 Sep 1950 to 05 Oct 1961) This planet is at very low degree and has no significant positive role and hence it made Shri Narendra Modi livelihood as a normal village boy.

Mercury (06 Oct 1961 to 10 Jul 1978) Mercury is also at low degree indicating a low profile of Shri Narendra Modi to be dependant on his elders.

Ketu (11 Jul 1978 to 05 Jun 1985) This planet is with good degree but having negative effects due to which Shri Narendra Modi had to leave his home in this period as good as living in exile.

Venus (06 Jun 1985 to 23 Feb 2005) Venus is the powerful planet in the horoscope of Shri Narendra Modi which is at 15 degree and placed in centre (10th house). This has enabled him to enhance his career by joining politics. Venus is having its positive and negative effects both hence it has made Shri Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat but its negative effects and conjoined Saturn’s Antardasha gave a bad name due to Godhra issue.

Sun (24 Feb 2005 to 24 Jan 2011) Though this planet is positive for Shri Narendra Modi but its degree (00:35) is very low, hence it did not take him to new high but made him to continue as Chief Minister. But this planet has recognized Shri Narendra Modi for his work.

Moon (25 Jan 2011 to 05 Dec 2020) This planet is most powerful with its positive effects that has enabled Shri Narendra Modi to create a record by wining third time in Gujarat polls.This planet will take him to top most post of the politics. The Moon is the lord of 9th house of his horoscope and placed in ascendant thus Shri Narendra Modi is having the blessings of goddess and till the end of mahadasha period of Moon Shri Narendra Modi will attain the top most post according to his will.

Mars (06 Dec 2020 to 01 Nov 2027) Mars is the lord of ascendant and placed in ascendant but it is on its low degree, hence it will continue to support Mr.Modi as usual with a number of competitors in this period since the Mars will also show its effects of 6th house.

Rahu (02 Nov 2027 to 01 Aug 2045) This planet is also powerful, placed in 5th house but it will not create any history. In this period Shri Narendra Modi will be known as political guru.

Jupiter The period of Jupiter will not come in his life.

 (Conjoining Mars and Moon in ascendant makes a person arrogant, thus Shri Narendra Modi is required to maintain cool and calm while dealing with political competitors.



How to protect hair from sun

In summer whenever we go outside, many of us normally forget about hair. Most of us usually use various sunscreen products to keep our skin protected from sun. But what about the most beautiful part of an woman’s beauty, hair.                           protect hair from sunWe should know the fact that hair is very sensitive to sun.There are so many chances where hair can burn due to UV rays & heat from sun. So it needs proper care as face or hands needs. It is very important to know some easy tips to protect hair from sun.

Tip – 1:

When we expose to sun rays ,direct ray of sun can dry,dull and brittle your hair. So it is good to be in practice to wear a hat,cap or bandana. These types of head coverings acts as a barrier between direct sun ray and your hair.You can keep an umbrella ,scrap or stoll with you always , if you do not like to wear hat or bandana.

Tip – 2:

Keep sun screen lotion with you always.Apply it to your hair,it will definitely protect your hair from sun.
Make a spray like material by mixing sunscreen lotion of SPF 25 with water.For this solution take 1 teaspoon of sunscreen with 1/2 cup of water .Mix well while in exposing to sun,spray this solution to your hair in every hour.By doing this you can protect your hair from sun.

Tip – 3:

It is very important to keep attention to your hair styles in summer.Make braids hairstyle whenever you go outside. Because by doing braids, your hair will less expose to the sun.Possibility of damage of hair will be less.

Tip – 4:

If you generally spent more time in beach or swimming pool then it would be better to apply conditioner & comb your hair properly.Do not rinse it.And go for heading to beach or pool.This conditioner therapy will be act as a deep conditioning treatment to your hair and it will help you from sun damage.

Tip – 5:

In market you will find various hair care products to protect sun damage.You can use these products by knowing all the facts about those products.Alcohol rich hair products are strictly avoidable because these alcohol can dry your hair along with sun damage. Besides these there are some amazing hair care shampoos,sprays,which can protects your hair sun damage as well as protects the color pigments you have on your hair.

Tip – 6:

During summer season, there should be Vitamin-C,Vitamin-E and Beta- carotene rich food in your diet everyday.These Vitamins are like antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals came from sunlight.These free radicals can easily damage or destroy hair cells , which results dryness,roughness and more brittleness on hair. So, there should be Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E in your daily food habits.Grapes termed as nature’s UV protection Fruit.Compounds found in grapes helps to protect against the free radicals due to sun rays.

Tip – 7:

Keep in  practice to rinse your hair with normal tap water after sun bathe, swim etc.This process maintain moisture in your hair. this may help you protect hair from sun.

Tip – 8:

To protect color from sun rays you can apply oil over your hair properly,because it is light to protect your hair without affecting the color. Avoid using hot oil in summer and not wash your hair frequently, actually what happens it may reduce moisture on hair. You can use oils like coconut oil and almonds oil to protect your hair and will keep your hair well conditioned.

Heart line in palmistry

Heart line in palmistry exists above the head line. It starts from the different locations near Jupiter mount and ends below the marriage line near Mercury mount. Image 1 with red line on palm is the heart line.Heart line in palmistry

Effects of the heart line

The heart line starts from the different location. The effects of the heart line depend upon the starting point which is elaborated in succeeding paragraphs. The heart line show the feeling of the heart and the person effective by the heart line never listens to his brain rather going with the verdict of the heart feelings. The person who goes with the verdict of heart feelings, generally happen to be an artist of any field. The heart line generally carries the view of love and affections related to many aspects of the life.

How to know the effectiveness of heart line?

There are two major lines in the palm by which one can come to know whether heart line is effective or not. These both lines are known as head line and heart line. The both lines carry their value opposite to each others. Among both the lines which ever will be the deepest, the effects of the deeper line emerge as an effective line. If the head line is deeper than the heart line, then the person never goes as per the verdict of heart feelings rather calculating pros and cons for each and every thing. He always goes as per the decisions of the brain. This type of people can be leader, politician or mind worker. But in case when the heart line becomes deeper than the head line then a person goes by the verdict of heart feelings and he does not calculate pros and cons for any type of decisions. If a person with deeper heart line starts using his brain in decisions then the art gets disappeared from his life. Similarly, when the person having deeper head line than the heart line, starts listening to his heart feelings, his leadership goes away. Hence success in each field can only be achieved when a person works according to the natural setup in his life.

Different effects of heart line

The following different starting points of heart line carry their own value of the life:

When the heart line starts from the outer of the palm near Jupiter mount (refer image-2), this type of line carries least love affections. This type of line makes a person’s character with a feeling to use and throw. They never carry love affection for a longer duration. Heart line in palmistry

When the heart line starts from the centre of the Jupiter mount (refer image-3), this type of line carries true love affections towards all the aspects of the life. This type of person can’t be a cheat in love making. He always expresses his love feelings before his partner and does not hide any secrets of the life. This type of person makes happy to his life partner with beautiful seducing words of compliments by carrying his heart on the palm.Heart line in palmistry

When the heart line starts from the joints of Jupiter and Saturn mount (refer image-4), then the nature of both the mounts appears in the character of a person. The person, who carries this type of heart line, generally loves his partner too much but he does not utter a single word of compliment and does not express his love feelings which remain an eternal demand of his partner. In this situation the partner of the person gets confused whether he/she is being loved or not. It can be said that these people are also a true lover without their expressions.Heart line in palmistry

If a heart line starts from the below Saturn mount (refer image-5), the person with this type of heart line happens to be a secret agent. This type of people feel that the love and affections are only the way of enjoyment and it does not carry any value to live the life. They do not waste their time in love making activities. There target is to accomplish the mission and achieve the goal. This type of person goes up to any extant for helping his partner but he never utter a word of affection to admire someone.Heart line in palmistry

When the heart line starts from the below Sun mount (refer image-6), it becomes very short line and the effects of this line appears in the old age where love and affection do not carry any meaning. This type of person goes on the verdict of head line in his young age and the same continues till the effectiveness time of heart line appears.Heart line in palmistry

When the heart line at starting point is having fork and the branches of fork is touching Saturn, Jupiter and outer part of Jupiter mount (refer image-7) then all the mixed effects as described above can be noticed in the person. This type of person never carries a single attitude and he can’t be judged due to his mixed personality.Heart line in palmistry

When the heart line and head line are conjoining at the starting point (refer image-8), the domination of the head line over the heart line will be effective. This type of person always goes with the verdict of his brain by calculating pros and cons while doing any work including love making.Heart line in palmistry

When the heart line and head line is mixed as a single line then this type of person does feel doing any wrong activities due to the absence of heart line.

Kadai Chicken

Kadai chicken is a traditional Indian recipe found in every non-veg hotel,restaurant &  in any road side dhaba. This Kadai term used dishes is very popular in north Indian People. We use the term Kadai because of it’s khara spices or whole spices used and this dish is prepared in  a thick bottomed pan called Kadai. . So let’s have a look on kadai chicken ingredients and making procedure.


kadai chicken
Chicken – 500 gms

Onion – 300gms

Garlic Paste – 1 tsp

Ginger Paste – 1 tsp

Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp

Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp

Garam Masala Powder – 1 tsp

Coriander Powder – 1 tsp

Tomatoes – 2

Capsicum – 1

Oil – 3/4 cup

Whole Spices or Khara Masala:

Cinamom Sticks – 2

Cloves – 4

Big Cardamom – 1

Small Cardamom – 1

Dried Red Chillies – 2

Bay Leaf – 1

Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp

Water as per requirement


Wash the chicken pieces thoroughly. Now in a container take 1/2 tsp salt,1/2 tsp turmeric powder,1 tsp ginger garlic paste and 1/2 tsp lemon juice,mix them well.

Add chicken pieces in to it and marinade for at least 30-40 minutes.Keep aside.

Chop onions finely. Put oil in a kadai on medium high heat.  Put cumin seeds,bay leaf,small cardamom,big cardamom ,dried red chilli ,cloves and black pepper in hot oil.

When all the whole spices begins to splutter add chopped onions and saute for 2-3 minutes over medium flame.

After a brown color reached add ginger garlic paste ,and saute for another 2-3 minutes.

Add chopped tomatoes and  coriander powder,garam masala,turmeric powder. Mix them together. Cook for 2-3 minutes at least.

After oil comes outward from the spices mix then add marinade chicken and salt per your requirement.  Cook for 10- 15 minutes on medium heat.

Then add 1 cup or 11/2 cup of water and cook for another 10 minutes. Stir occasionally .

Add chopped capsicum / bell pepper and mix well and cook for another 5-7 minutes on simmer flame.

Cook the chicken till the kadhai chicken completely cooked.Now turn off gas flame.Your kadhai chicken is ready.Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves before serving.  You can take this kadai chicken with roti/chapati, rice or paratha.

Foods you should never eat

Do you want to cut fat fast..                        women belly fat

There are so many quality foods and bad for health  you found around. It is good to know the foods  that you should avoid if your goal is to achieve a perfect body or stay healthy. So here we will discuss about those  foods you should never eat.

Avoid sugar:

Sugar contains very much calories than other daily used food. And yes very important things to know about sugar is when we take sugar or any food, dessert containing sugar ,the calories present in sugar directly go to the fat deposited areas around your belly and stored there. Therefore it becomes so fatty when we consume sugar in our daily diet. Sugar present in cookies,biscuits,ice creams,desserts,sweets or any alcoholic beverages  is actually responsible for gaining too much fat and these substances break our immune system also. So these sugar rich foods strictly avoidable . Yes you can take natural sugar contained in natural fruits like apple,grapes,coconut etc.You can take sugarless foods as your weight loss products.

Avoid fatty meats:                                                                                fatty meat

Whatever meat we eat like chicken or mutton it is hard enough to digest for our body, so it will be  very hard enough to process the extra fats in meat at the same time if we take fatty meats in our diet. If we take these type of fatty meats fat directly goes to the belly and hip areas and this fat cannot be burn very soon and results a very ugly fat zone around your belly and hips.So it is strictly avoidable. Here you  can take poultry, fish, and  lean meat. An try to not eat Red meat, pork,  and many of the fatty cuts of lamb .

Avoid fatty fried foods:                                                                                fried food

Deep fried food are usually rich in very much high calories which can increase your risk of gaining weight . After fried deeply oil used in frying provides approx 9 calories per gram. Due to fully  absorbed by oil ,can increase the total fat content of the product what we eat. And the artificial substances used in deeply fried products like MCG or other flavorings  can  damage our body by giving toxins in to body which your body is completely unable to process.So these type of fried foods are completely  avoidable as much as possible. Along with fat these foods can cause very dangerous health hazards like blood pressure,diabetes or any cardiovascular diseases. So try to stay away from potato chips,French fries ,deeply fried fry rice,pokoras or any type of fried foods.

Do not take alcohol:                                                                              alcohol

Alcohol is also a very calorie rich drink and some alcohol contains sugar also. So taking alcohol can put fat in our body. More intake of alcohol daily or weekly can break down your muscle tissue which results deterioration of body. In fact it is true a glass of wine per day is good for health  as it decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems,decrease the possibility of literal heart attack etc. but more intake of alcohol can damage our  internal body parts like pancreas, the mouth, pharynx, esophageal, breast and liver . So it is advisable to drink as little as possible if you want to cut some belly fats. If you are finding difficulties in quitting alcohol then must go for a treatment for alcohol addiction.


Avoid white or processed foods:                                            white flour

Grains are naturally fiber rich foods what we advised to eat. But what about the white grains we are using now a days. Are they good for health .Answer is no. They are not. Because in refinery process removes all the dark fare colors which is actually a sign of its natural nutrients and make the color very refinery  white . due to this process  all natural  nutrients, fibers are gone and leaves a little of them and much carbohydrates which can cause fats in our body easily. Intake of these type of white foods can cause your blood sugar and insulin to a high level which may result to diabetes. So try to not take these foods and make a habit to take naturally grainy foods without refining. Processed foods can fill high level of salt, preservative as well as Trans  fats.  So these are also avoidable.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup:                                        cola

These syrup basically made from by processing  corn starch so that some of the glucose content turns to fructose during manufacturing.  Both fructose and glucose have sugar  in them, so that it can cause fat in  body if we take this fructose corn syrup present in soft drinks, sodas ,colas, cereals and some type of  artificially made juices. And  it is advisable not to take.

Avoid butter, ice creams, chocolates and mayonnaise:

Intake of butter or ghee  in excess amount at levels  above 10% total calories it can add unbelievable fat to your body as well as can increase cardiovascular diseases .So try to eat butter as much you required.


Ice cream is very rich in fat  . As we know fat is an essential substance to produce hormones, provide energy and protect organs, but too much intake of fat can cause cardiovascular disease along with help in increase obesity. Ice cream also has dietary cholesterol  which can increase the risk of high blood pressure. As ice cream is full of sugar it obviously add much fat to your body,So it is avoidable.

For the same sugar and fat present in chocolate , it can affect your health and fitness when eaten in large  quantities.

Due to the omega-6 fats,sugar and artificial ingredients present in mayonnaise it is also advisable not to take in big amount that can be risk to obesity and other health problems.

If you consider these things carefully in your dietary habit ,then you really do not need any fat burning supplements.

Sun line in palmistry

Sun line is also known as the line of Apollo. Starting point of the Sun line may be from any part of the palm but it ends on the mount of Sun. The Sun mount exists below the ring finger. The Sun line has been marked in red for your convenience in the image given below.


Sun line represents name and fame and also indicates the wealth position of a person. Sun line generally exists in the palm of artists and also in the palm of a person who is specialist of any field. If the Sun line is available in both hand palms, then the person has to be known in the public. But how many people will know to that person that depends on the thickness of the Sun line. How much wealth one will have, that also depends on the thickness of the Sun line. Thin and light Sun line indicates that the person will be known in his vicinity and in a colony with average wealth position. However a thick Sun line indicates that the person will be known globally with high wealth position. Politics is also a special quality due to which politicians do have the Sun line.

When Sun line effects?

The periodicity of effecting Sun line depends on the starting point. If Sun line starts from below the head line, the person gets name and fame with wealth in early age. If Sun line starts from head line, the result appears at the age of 35 years onward and when the Sun line starts from the heart line, the result appears at the age of 50 years onward in the life.

Sun line Vs fate line

Some people say that the Sun line is the supporting line of fate line. But the both aspects are different from each other. According to Sun line the person gets support of public in his career whereas fate line holds the support of god in the career. Only one thing is common in both lines that these reflect the prospects of career of the person. However Sun line also indicates the wealth position. If the fate line exists in the palm, the person may attain a high position in his career, but his profile will be hidden in public if the Sun line is not available. If the fate and Sun line both are available in the palm then the person will have to attain a high position with fame and wealth.

How the person will become famous and what specialty he will have, that depends on the originating point of the Sun line. Origination of Sun line from different part of the palm reflects different type of specialty. The origination of Sun line from different part of the palm is explained with the appropriate images with the specialty of the person in succeeding paragraphs:

When the Sun line starts from the upper Mars as per following image, the person becomes a famous war and battle event planner and possesses a personality of military / police officer.


When the Sun line starts from the Moon mount as per following image, the person becomes a famous leader, artist, poet, actor etc.


When the Sun line starts from the area of Dragon’s head as per following image, the person becomes a famous broker, supplier and knows the hidden truth of many aspects.


When the Sun line starts from the area of Dragon’s tail as per following image, the person becomes a famous gambler and wins lottery. This type of person takes birth in high family.


When the Sun line starts from the Venus mount as per following image, the person becomes a famous love guru and attain wealth through his in-laws.


When the Sun line starts from the lower Mars as per following image, the person becomes a famous by wining fight with his enemy in battle ground.


When the Sun line starts from the head line as per following image, the person possesses multiple vision personality and become famous with his mind work.


When the Sun line starts from the heart line as per following image, the person becomes famous and wealthy in old age with the help of some one who loves him.


When the Sun line starts from the life line as per following image, the person becomes a famous model or attracts public due to his physique and body.


For better result, the Sun line should be flawless, thick and single with good Sun mount. A multiple Sun line in palm shows a multiple personality due to which the person gets confused as what path he should go to enhance his profile. Triangles, stars and squares make the Sun line powerful whereas mole, cross and island makes its affectless for that period. It is clear that the without Sun line, a person’s personality remain hidden.

Misconception about Sun line

People understand that the Sun line appears on the palm if the Sun is good and they often wear ruby gemstone to make a effective Sun line. It should be clear to them that merely wearing a ruby gemstone, the Sun line will never appear. It is a yoga in the horoscope when the lord of ascendant and lord of tenth house with their good degrees conjoin or aspect each other, then only the Sun line appears on the palm.

Healthy Salmon Recipe


300 gms or 2- 6 oz salmon steaks

healthy salmon recipes
broiled salmon recipe

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Pinch of salt
Take a broiler preheat it.

Put an aluminum foil over the broiler as a cover and grease the foil with butter or vegetable oil..

Now place the salmon steaks on the pan and broil the salmon for 5-6 minutes approx.

Now turn the steaks to other side and broil the fish now.Do this for 5 minutes again.

Sprinkle some salt over your broiled salmon is ready to serve.

Cut the lemon into two halves and garnish with lemon.Serve it with any type of sauce you want.

Points to pick:

This dish is very calories and protein rich and healthy food for kids.

salmon is very rich source of omega-3 ,vitamin D and selenium,which has most powerful health benefits.

Taking salmon has also beneficial for skin,heart,brain,nerve and hair also.

In above mentioned broiled salmon recipe you will find no spice or any material which can cause any health problems.So enjoy this healthy salmon recipe.






Face Care Tips for both Men and Women

In this post we are going to deal with something in which you will be surely interested in. We have come up with the face care tips which is going to provide you with ample information so that you yourself will be quite capable of taking care of your face without actually bothering to visit parlors or any entertaining any such expensive option. Besides, all these face care tips are not only limited to women but we have extended the benefits to men as well. Now men need not shy away from taking care of their face, as it is equally important for them. So, let us move on without fail..!!

Your face is your most important part on the protecting your face should be your main responsibility.

A healthy diet is an important factor in your successful face care program. The diet should contain adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Another face care tip is the fact that natural skin moisture is maintained in your face care regimen.

Beautiful soft, smooth, clear and glowing facial skin is something that does not last. Face care needs persistence and regular programming to preserve the fresh look of youth. There is no guarantee of skin beauty retention, but a regular face skin care program is essential for youthful maintenance.

Regular face and body care is necessary to prevent premature aging. Worries and tensions, adverse climate like sun’s rays and icy winds damage the skin. Regular face care is necessary for the dry, cracked and wrinkled skin that results.

A simple yet effective  face care tip is to daily face skin care.

As our age blemishes occur, sometimes prematurely, that demand an early, effective and regular face care program. Face care products can check this curse sufficiently with regular face care while you are still young.

Unwanted hair, especially on the face, demands removal immediately the growth is noticed. The causes are numerous (medical, internal, environmental and psychological) and face care is necessary to remove the physical evidence.

Pimples, during adolescence, cause permanent marks and should not be neglected. A special face skin care regimen needs to be implemented to cleanse the face and unclog the pores. Efficient face care products, like Retinol, help in eradicating and maintaining successful face care.

Acne is a skin disease whose blotchy remains never vanish. Implement a  face care regimen that prevents infected skin. If the face skin care does not help, seek medical treatment for your face skin care.

Healthy and beautiful eyes enhance one’s general beauty. Protect and Include eye care in your daily face care program. A good face care tip for eye protection is rest. If daily face care treatment of the eyes is not followed, the eyes will become red, heavy and drooping. Without regular face care, wrinkles and dark patches will appear in this sensitive area.

For beautiful and attractive skin you only have to follow some simple and easy steps to take care of your skin, a couple of minutes daily will help you to save your lot of time and efforts you spent in worrying about your skin.

 Face care tips on a daily basis:                                                                    face caqre woman4                                        
Every morning,

1.Cleanse your skin with a face care product that is reliable, one face care tip is to make sure the face care product matches your face skin type.Cleanser in not more than a face cream which we use to wash our faces.

2.Tone your skin to neutralize it so it will accept all other face care products to enhance the texture.This can be done by toner,which basically tightens our skin and also removes dirt from our skins as well.

3.Use a moisturizing face care product to nourish, firm and minimize dull looking skin and lines. its helps you to keep your skin soft and dirt free always try to use creamy moisturizer. It gives you extra cover on your skin.

4.An important face care tip is to nourish your eyes with a face care product that will diminish fine lines around the delicate skin around the eyes.

Every night before sleeping:

1. An important face care tip is to remove your makeup thoroughly with a compatible skin-type face care product.

2.Tone your skin again to neutralize the skin during your daily face care regimen.

3.Ensure that a cream to remove damaged aged surface cells during your sleep will expose smoother younger skin during your face skin care routine.

4.Nourish the delicate skin around the eyes with a good face care eye cream and then apply a night cream all over your face and neck to complete your face skin care.

If you get in this on daily basis it will become a normal routine for you to perform all the face care treatment on daily basis, so that your face remains beautiful and your skin remains fresh. That is the beauty of these face care tips.

It will not only keep you from getting premature wrinkles, but your skin will always be in the best possible condition. It will feel soft and firm. By cleansing regularly, you will look and feel like a million bucks.

If you are a house working female and you prefer to use products easily available at home natural products and house medicines like mixing up a banana in avocado is really a good and a purely home made treatment to enhance and face beauty and for skin protection as well.

And during salad preparation you can take a slice of tomato and use it on your face for 10-15 minutes for nourishing your face.

For exfoliating use the mixture of some lemon juice, oatmeal and 1 red tomato, rub it on your face and let it remain at least for 15 minutes. Many such similar home made products are there which will work miraculously on your face.Those details have been discussed later in one of our next section.

For skins having dry type, always choose a cleanser for your face skin which have less percentage of chemicals in it, or try to use soap more and water to wash your face and keep it clean. Wash your face at least once in a day with cold water. This feel make your skin more refreshing, then you need to apply toner and moisturizer. It will give you maximum protection if you do this daily before going to bed in night, the best cream to use at night is any of night cream moisturizer which keeps your skin softer and keep working on your skin as long as you sleep.

If you have an oily skin or any other kind of skin you will need to use cleansers, moisturizers and toners on your skin regularly. There is always much more chance for oily skins to absorb more dirt in them, so it’s always preferred that you use a face mask of clay or mud on you face.

If you have oily skin, mask containing oatmeal, lemon or cucumber, at least once in a week. This treatment is very helpful and important to restore your skin beauty and absorbing oil capacity. The sooner you will develop your routine of doing all that on regular basis, there is less chance of damages on your skin and less difficult to take care of your skin.

 Face care For Men:

Men sometimes feel a lack of motivation to bother to really take care of their faces.     face caqre man1

Think beauty is only important for women?? Not in today’s world where more and more men are discovering the benefits of maintaining a healthy and attractive look. If you’re a man who is in need of some quality beauty tips,we have some advice to offer you a glowing and soft face to attract others and to feel better.

Face Care for men is extremely important. No girl is going to want to kiss you if you look like one of the Geico cavemen. It takes more than a chiseled waste and 18 inch arms to be considered legitimately attractive. The last thing you want to happen is for a girl to like your body, but turn away when you go to make a move, because of your dirty face. We do not think that there can be anything more insulting for than this for a guy.That is why it is totally necessary to incorporate some kind of male face care routine to help keep your skin looking clear and healthy.

Tips to follow…

1. Use a face cleanser in the daily face and body care for man after you shave and at night instead of bar soap on the face. Because bar soap is too harsh for face care.

2. Then use a toner to tightening your pores.

3. Then apply moisturizer to nourish and protect the skin.It maintain your skin healthy.

4. Most importantly, apply moisturizing lotion on you face regularly. Choose a lotion that is water or glycerin based, not alcohol based. You can choose a lotion by reading its ingredient on the back of the tube or bottle. The most prevalent ingredient is listed first.

5. Don’t be afraid to use concealer to hide any imperfections on your face.

6. Having bags under your eyes is a sign of not getting enough rest, so get a full 8 hours of sleep to look fresh and bright in the morning.

7. When you’re going to be exposed to the sun, wear sunglasses. Sunglasses prevent you from squinting, and potentially causing more wrinkles on your face.

8. When you are shaving your face, use a razor with a moisturizing strip so that you are less likely to have irritated skin when finished.

9. While you want to keep the hair on your head growing, it’s preferable to keep hair from growing out of your nose. Use a specialized trimmer to keep your nose hair at bay.

10. Your eyebrows are two separate patches of hair, and you should keep them apart by tweezing regularly. Just remember, unibrows are only attractive on dogs.Trim your eyebrows if they are big and bushy.

11. You should trim your ear hair in the process.

12. Apply eye cream moisturizer to reduce fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes.

13. Eye liner is becoming very popular in the male community, and it’s not considered gay anymore!! Just a little liner can make your eyes pop.

14. If you notice a few pimples starting to present themselves on your face, grab some toothpaste and dab a little on top of the new pimple to dry it out. Don’t forget to wash it off.

15. Weekly dose of exfoliation to remove the dead skin and encourage skin renewal is required.

16. Most importantly, do not tan your face. Add a sunscreen in the morning – even on winter days. When tanning in a tanning bed or outdoors, cover your face with a towel.

17. If you’re having trouble remembering to put chap stick on during the day, you can apply a liberal amount right before you go to sleep. This will help with the flakes and cuts we tend to get during the winter. Plus your lips will be plump and healthy when you wake up!!

 Facial exercises..

Facial muscle exercises do not cause wrinkles, but rather eliminate them and are essential in any face care program. Include these daily face exercises in your regular face care program. Although anti aging research has led to the manufacture of face care products that assist to maintaining the radiant glow of youth, the easiest and most cost effective face care treatment are daily facial exercises. These daily exercises will tone the face muscles and enhance your face care program. During your face care program, facial exercises will help the muscles return to their natural shape.

Facial exercises in your daily face care routine will also improve the condition of the skin. Facial exercises do not eliminate your regular face care regimen, but they do enhance the quest for a younger and healthy glowing skin.

A face skin care regimen that involves regular facial muscle exercises work better than you can imagine. These face care facial exercises make you look healthy and even younger. Your regular cleansing face care regimen needs to complement the facial muscle exercises to retain the youthful and radiant glowing look.

So, these were some of those face care tips which are going to prove like boon for your face if you follow the above mentioned practices seriously on a regular basis. Hope to get your comments on the above as to how these face care tips have worked for you.

Natural Hair Care and Styles

Designer clothing, perfectly applied makeup, and fine jewelry are all wasted if your hair looks greasy, dull, or messy. Fortunately, no one needs a hair salon or expensive hair products to have hair that looks professionally cared for and styled. With the right techniques for shampooing, drying, and styling your hair, it can be among your most attractive features. And that is the reason that we have come up with this post to again provide our users the maximum benefit of our rigorous researches.                                     Natural Hair Care and Styles
We’ll provide some useful hair-care tips in this article, starting with the basics. After going through this article we are sure that you need not run to the salon every time you need a fashionable hair style. Here we have provided you with all the necessary details that one would like to know in order to save their extra expenses. These hair care tips and hair styling tips are really gonna impress you for sure. So without any further delay let us move into the details of natural hair care and styles tips.

Get shiny hair naturally..

Apply olive oil on the hair few hours before washing. Massage the scalp and tips of the hair with the oil. This clears the sebaceous oils from the scalp to get oil-free hair. You can mash avocado and add olive oil and 1 tsp of baking powder. Apply this paste on the hair and leave it for 30-45 minutes. Rinse well.

Always wash your hair with cold water. Hot water spoils the softness and quality of the hair thus making it brittle and fussy. Washing hair with hot water takes away the essential oils. Cold water can make the hair get the shiny and glossy touch.

After shampooing the hair, you can either use a conditioner to get silky hair with shine. Leave the conditioner for 2 minutes and then rinse off well.

You can use natural conditioner such as vinegar to get shine in the hair. Add few drops of vinegar in water and apply it on the hair. Leave for 30-40 seconds and then rinse off once with water as per your wish.

Egg is one of the remedies to get shiny and glossy hair naturally. Beat an egg and apply it on the hair. Leave the paste on hair for 30 minutes and then wash it with a mild shampoo. The smell of egg will go few hours after washing the hair. The hair becomes silky and glossy.

Never brush or comb wet or damp hair. The hair becomes frizzy, leads to breakage and split ends. Let it air dry and comb after the hair is completely dry.

Plastic bristles of brush or comb can spoil the shine in the hair so, use natural bristled brush to keep the hair shiny and glossy.

Avoid applying hair gel which contains alcohol. It makes the hair dry. Also avoid using hair dryer. Occasional use of hair dryer to set the hair is fine but it is best to let the hair dry naturally.

When we say ‘I have dandruff’ then mostly it is interpreted as there are white particles in your hair. But where does the dandruff actually come from? The dry flaky skin of the scalp is basically what we call dandruff. So you need to oil your scalp properly before you oil your hair. Rub warm coconut oil into your scalp and it will solve your dandruff scalp problems.

Your scalp skin has pores just like the skin on your body. You have to make sure that those pores are open before you oil your hair. Weak hair is often a manifestation of a scalp problem as the oil that you massage does not get absorbed into the roots. Wrap a hot towel (towel dipped in hot water and drained) and let it stay for 5 minutes before you oil your hair.

To Straighten Hair:

To get straight hair, you need not have to hit salon always or iron it often. Straightening at home can be one of the best hair care tips. You can take good amount of time in carefully nourishing it as you know it better than anybody.

One of the common hair straightening that everyone follows is combing right after washing and blow drying it. This procedure may straighten your hair easily but has lot of disadvantage too. The hair is tender and breaks while combing causing a lot of damage.

After you wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner, allow it to dry completely. Comb the hair well and soak it in a mixture of egg yolk and milk. After the mixture dries up on hair, flip the hairs tight with bobby pins and wash the hair the next day. By doing this your hair will get soft with the protein mixture and tight flips will be straightened up easily.

If planning to use a dry iron, use it only when the hair is completely dry. Ironing needs to be slow and done with care as there is always a chance of it damaging and make the hair look lifeless (due to dryness). You can use water sprays while ironing.

The large rollers can also straighten hair. The big curlers actually straighten the small frizzy curls and make it look straight and hides the splits.

You can also mix a drop of oil to water and spray the mixture on hair. Blow drying hair can help you get straight hairs very easily.

Oiling hair every alternative day and combing it after application can soften the hair, remove knots and straighten it gradually.
For Curling Hair

After a shampoo wash, blow dry your hair by combing the ends outwards. Using a barrel curling iron curl the ends evenly. You can use hairsprays if you felt difficulty while curling. To set the hairs, you can use a shiny serum, bobby pins or a ponytail holder.

You can also purchase a foam roller and tightly roll it in the upward direction. Use bigger rollers for lower hair and small ones for the front. Blow dry the hair and then carefully remove rollers and set it well using hair pins or clips.

For wavy curly hair, use hair straighteners to tweeze or twirl the hair. This gives a wavy look and goes well for normal to long hair.

For short hair, the best way to curl hair at home would be comb and the dryer or small rollers. You can even use paper strips to roll hair and remove them after hours to get the way look.

For soft curls use hair moisturizers and softeners. Avoid harsh shampoos and ammonia based products if you wish to maintain the soft curls.

Set hair at home:

The first thing before styling hair is set the time. Setting hair requires some time and can’t be done in a haste.

Before washing the hair, always apply oil 2-4 hours before. This prevents the hair from becoming dry and unmanageable. Wash the hair properly with shampoo and apply little conditioner. Wrap with a towel. Avoid rubbing the dripping water from the hair. This spoils the smoothness and quality of the hair.

After you wash hair, apply little oil or some styling lotion from the root till the ends of the hair. Avoid applying on the scalp. To get fluffy hair, apply styling lotion on the ends to increase the fullness and keep it shiny. You can also apply spray root lifter.

To get flat and straight hair, use clips to set the hair. Take the required side and put clips on the wet hair. Don’t open till it dries a little and get straight hair naturally. Comb and style the hair. This method helps get straight hair on the top and curls on the end if you have semi-curly hair.

You can also set hair with the help of rollers. Rollers add curl and fullness to the hair. Comb the wet hair and part the different sections. From the front, sides, center and back. Use clips to prevent the hair from mixing with different parted sections.

Use rollers on wet hair. Roll the side hairs first and then follow up on the rest hair. One important tip while setting hair is to roll tightly and apply clip. This helps set the hair easily.

If you want to keep the locks backwards and not falling on the face, use rollers towards the back and stick with a clip.

Always comb the hair properly before using rollers to set them. After setting rollers in the hair, leave it for 30 minutes at least or let it dry naturally. You can use a dryer to dry the hair when in a hurry.

When the hair is completely dry, remove the rollers carefully to avoid the hair from tangling. Comb with your fingers.

Style Hair At Home:

Hair styles at home are easy to do. It is not like you have to run to the salon every time you need a fashionable look.What is it that salons have and we don’t at home? It is definitely not a sense of styles. It is actually professional hair styling tools. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy any expensive appliances for trying different hair styles at home.

Don’t we all just love long straight flowing hair? Now you can have perfect straight hair at least for a few hours without rushing to the parlor. If you have a straightener attachable with your blow dryer then well and good. All you need to do is blow dry wet washed hair with this fitting.

Some people feel that their hair is painfully straight. They would love to have some soft curls. You can style your hair at home into curls without using chemicals. If you blow dryer has a curler option then you can make temporary curls in your hair.

Hair braiding is a specialized task but you can do this hair style it at home if you have a little time on your hands. You would say that it gets messy won’t you? Well if doesn’t have to. You can use the tweezers at home as a hair styling tool to grip your hair and then braid it with a colorful thread. If it takes too long then try the half braided look where you braid just the first layer of your hair.

Care of your Oily Hair..

Because of excess sebum production our hair is oily. This leaves the hair greasy and unattractive.

If you have oily hair, it is essential to wash your hair on a daily basis. This is for the reason that oily hair has a tendency to accumulate dirt as compared to other hair types.

For oily hair do not use conditioners use only shampoos, make sure while choosing a shampoo that it does not contain conditioner in it. Such kind of shampoo is available easily in the market and is cheap compared to shampoos with conditioners. Do not select products, which have silicone, oils, or lanolin.

Massaging the hair is essential for oily hair. Instead of applying lotions or oils, you can use a toning lotion (which removes dead cells) to massage oily hair with regular brushing. This helps hair growth. A regular massage habit is necessary. Avoid applying oil to the hair as possible.

Mix 4 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 cup water and apply to your hair for 15 min and rinse with warm water.

Mix 1/4 cup of cider vinegar with a basin of water and apply to your hair for 15 min and rinse with warm water.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your self hydrated.

Hair styles:

Hair has gained great importance in recent years as an crucial part of grooming. Hairstyles are said to complete one’s look and hair trends change as regularly as fashion trends these days. Ideally you should choose a hairstyle that reflects your personality and is practical for your everyday needs.          Natural Hair Care and Styles

                                              Summer Hairstyles..

Creating a ponytail :-

Work some styling gel through your ponytail; then part your side hair not too accurately.Gather your hair in a low ponytail and loop it upward. Now fix the loop with hair pins

Apply hair spray to secure the updo. Your hair refuses to stay in place? Never mind, your hair style is perfect the way it is: casual to messy.

High-Profile Ponytail :-

Create a short middle parting. Take some of the hair around the crown of your head and tease it. Then comb the cover hair over the teased hair.

Gather the hair in the nape of your neck making sure that the teased hair creates ample volume. Loosen a few small strands of hair in your ponytail
Apply some hair spray to secure your casual catwalk hair style.

Sideway Loop :-

Start by working heat protectant spray or lotion through your hair before pulling it through a flat iron strand by strand. This gives your hair lustre and glamour.

Important: Apply the flat iron from the roots to the tips in horizontal direction. Pulling your hair down would cause it to cling to your head with little volume
Gather the hair to a ponytail in the nape of your neck.

Pull the created ponytail halfway through the scrunchy to create the side loop. Don’t fasten the ends of the ponytail but leave it as it is for a very casual look.

So, these were some of the interesting tips which is really going to help you a lot whenever you need to go for the hair style of your choice and at the same time keeping good care of hair without damaging them. This is what every one desires for, and that is why we have all of it right here. Will be waiting for your comments for if these natural hair care and styles tips did work!!!!