Suji Manda Pitha (An Oriya Recipe)

Ingredients: Sooji/Rawa(Semolina) : 1 cup Water  : 2 cup Sugar : 1/4 cup Oil : for deep frying Small Cardamom powder: 1 tspn Clarified butter : 1 tbsp Fresh Crushed/Shredded Coconut : 2 cup Salt : As per taste Preparation Keep a frying pan on medium flame. Take shredded coconut and sugar in pan. Fry […]

Narendra Modi : A bright politician of India

Date of birth: 17 Sep 1950 Time of birth: 11:00 hrs Place of birth: Mehsana (Gujarat) Horoscope analysis of Shri Narendra Modi The powerful planets in his horoscope are Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu. These planets have made the positive future of this bright politician Shri Narendra Modi. The role of these planets is to […]

How to protect hair from sun

In summer whenever we go outside, many of us normally forget about hair. Most of us usually use various sunscreen products to keep our skin protected from sun. But what about the most beautiful part of an woman’s beauty, hair.                           We should know […]

Heart line in palmistry

Heart line in palmistry exists above the head line. It starts from the different locations near Jupiter mount and ends below the marriage line near Mercury mount. Image 1 with red line on palm is the heart line. Effects of the heart line The heart line starts from the different location. The effects of the […]

Kadai Chicken

Kadai chicken is a traditional Indian recipe found in every non-veg hotel,restaurant &  in any road side dhaba. This Kadai term used dishes is very popular in north Indian People. We use the term Kadai because of it’s khara spices or whole spices used and this dish is prepared in  a thick bottomed pan called […]

Foods you should never eat

Do you want to cut fat fast..                        There are so many quality foods and bad for health  you found around. It is good to know the foods  that you should avoid if your goal is to achieve a perfect body or stay healthy. So here we will discuss about those  foods you should never eat. […]

Sun line in palmistry

Sun line is also known as the line of Apollo. Starting point of the Sun line may be from any part of the palm but it ends on the mount of Sun. The Sun mount exists below the ring finger. The Sun line has been marked in red for your convenience in the image given […]

Healthy Salmon Recipe

Ingredients: 300 gms or 2- 6 oz salmon steaks 1 tbsp vegetable oil Pinch of salt Method: Take a broiler preheat it. Put an aluminum foil over the broiler as a cover and grease the foil with butter or vegetable oil.. Now place the salmon steaks on the pan and broil the salmon for 5-6 […]

Natural Hair Care and Styles

Designer clothing, perfectly applied makeup, and fine jewelry are all wasted if your hair looks greasy, dull, or messy. Fortunately, no one needs a hair salon or expensive hair products to have hair that looks professionally cared for and styled. With the right techniques for shampooing, drying, and styling your hair, it can be among […]